Critics coming around to Calvin

After becoming the first receiver with two touchdowns in the first four games, and the second receiver ever to have such a streak during any part of the season, some of the detractors are starting to rethink Calvin Johnson’s ability.

Cris Carter began the season by saying that Calvin Johnson was not a top-5 receiver in the league and that he was only good in Tecmo Bowl.  Now that Calvin has tied the consecutive multi-touchdown streak, held by none other than Cris Carter himself, Carter’s tune has changed.

“Right now, Calvin Johnson — there’s a king in every crowd, and he’s the king of the National Football League as far as wide receivers,” Carter said on ESPN Radio via

One person Lions fans are still waiting to hear a rebuttal from is Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who said that Calvin wasn’t even the best receiver on the field before Sunday’s game.

“We work against better receivers with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant… they are probably two of the premier receivers in football, but this guy (Johnson) is right there. He’s almost that good. He’s excellent.”

After watching his defense be torched in the second half by Megatron, Lions fans may still wonder what Ryan thinks of Calvin now, but Ryan is probably too busy with a second helping of crow to respond right now.

Speaking of the second half, my only complaint about our undefeated Lions (other than stupid penalties, no running game and Jeff Backus) is our inability to play an entire game.

Against the Bucs to start the season we jumped out to a big lead, and almost let it slip away.  Comeback wins against Dallas and Minnesota are impressive, but spotting good teams double-digit halftime leads is a dangerous game to play.

The only game where it seemed we showed up for every down was the home opening victory against the Chiefs.  We all thought Kansas City was just bad, or could the Lions actually be that good?  Time will tell this Monday night against the Bears.

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