Ben Wallace arrested and Lockout update

Well with basketball, and the Pistons in general, it seems like no news is good news right now.  A prime example is news that Ben Wallace was arrested over the weekend on a DUI and having an unloaded pistol concealed in his backpack during a traffic stop.

Ben was stopped because his Escalade was “driving erratically” and his BAC was over the legal limit of 0.08.  Wallace was released on a $5,000 personal bond and when the AP sent an e-mail to his agent they did not receive a response.

Being one of the key figures in the 2004 NBA Championship team earned Wallace a special place in Detroit sports history, one fans will not quickly forget.  Even after he spurned the team for the rival Bulls, he was welcomed back with open arms and applause after returning to the team.

With the lockout seeming to wipe out the entire season (see below) Wallace’s career seems to be over as a player, but this may damage his after-basketball goals.  Wallace wants to return to school to be a defense attorney and having something like this on his record may be an issue, but maybe in time he will be able to defend himself.

As for the lockout news, sources are telling ESPN that David Stern is planning to threaten canceling the entire 2011-12 season if serious progression isn’t made in talks.  Speculation is that this is just a ploy by Stern to try to stir up the pot to get some progress made, while others say that he is serious in his threats.

Either way, something needs to happen to get these talks back on track.  The NBA lockout is completely different from the NFL in the amount of talks and the possible other options for the players.  It seemed the NFL and the NFLPA were meeting almost everyday to try to get a deal done, while the NBA and NBAPA have had few reported meetings.

Also, if the NFL season were to be canceled the players would have no other league to go to which forced a deal to be done.  With the NBA, it seems every other day someone is trying to get Kobe to play overseas, and he isn’t the only one.  If Stern wants to scare the players, it’s because the players have already scared Stern.  Without the Kobe’s, LeBron’s, Durrant’s of the league, there basically is no league.

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