Tigers Look to Snag Home Field for ALDS and Other News

The Detroit Tigers only have two games left to go in the 2011 campaign but they still have a lot to play for in those two games.

Home field advantage is on the line as the Tigers will face the Cleveland Indians and the team the Tigers are battling for home field, the Texas Rangers, are playing the Los Angeles Angels. The Rangers are up in the standings by one game. However, the Tigers hold the tie breaker over the Rangers because the Tigers won the season series. So if the Tigers can keep winning and the Rangers loose and they end up with the record, then the Tigers would end up getting home field for the American League Divisional Series (ALDS).

In other Tigers news, Doug Fister has been outstanding for the Tigers in the second half of the season. He has about as many wins this month (September) as the Boston Red Sox do, according to mlive.com

“And is this not the best baseball stat you’ve seen this morning? “Wins in September: Red Sox 6, Doug Fister 5.” [Twitter]”

Fister has been awesome this month, posting five wins with a 0.53 WHIP and a 0.53 ERA. The team has won his last eight appearances (one was in relief) and Fister only seems to be getting stronger has the season moves along. Despite that, it will be very intriguing to see how he reacts to his first post-season start, which will take place in game two of  the ALDS where ever it may  be played.

As for Justin Verlander, he did not get his 25th win of the year on Saturday. He did end up getting a no decision but I believe that puts him out of the MVP voting now. However, another Tiger could be rewarded for his efforts this season. That Tiger is Miguel Cabrera and he has been hot as of late, which is a good sign for the team. He is leading the A.L. in batting average and top ten in many other offensive categories. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cabrera got more votes than JV.

All in all, it doesn’t matter if either one wins MVP because as Tiger fans we know how important both are to this team.

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