Lions recap

After the New England Patriots lost to the Buffalo Bills, the longest win streak in the NFL belongs to our Detroit Lions.  After coming back from the biggest halftime deficit in the franchise’s history, the Lions are one of four teams still undefeated in the NFL (depending on how the Redskins do on MNF.)

With a team that is 3-0 for the first time since 1980, it may be difficult to try to play devils advocate and point out some of the issues this team is still working through, but here I go.

No doubt, the Lions played a great second half, but they played an equally horrible first half.  Stafford was 10-16 with 64 yards in the first half and ended 32-46 with 378 yards and two touchdown passes to Calvin Johnson.

The Lions still have to clean things up on the offensive line, as shown by Jared Allen causing Jeff Backus to jump offsides on two consecutive plays.  When Backus was finally able to wait until the ball was snapped, Allen flew by him and drilled Matt Stafford for one of his three sacks on the day.

Also, the Lions still have issues running the ball as they ended the game with one more rushing yard (20) than they had first downs (19.)  Not to say that Jahvid Best wasn’t productive outside of the run game, but for the play-action passes to work the Lions are going to have some sort of running game.

One of the obvious positives was Calvin Johnson, as he became the first player in NFL history to have two-plus touchdowns in his first three games.  Currently Calvin is on pace to have 32 touchdown receptions and Stafford is on pace to have 5,210 yards with 48 touchdowns this season.

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