Ohio Photographer Banned From Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines may have just added fuel to the fire between the Wolverines and Ohio State rivalry by banning a former photographer from Michigan Stadium.

Here is a little bit of the story from ESPN:

” Dennis Talbott, the businessman and freelance photographer who has been linked with former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor in a scandal involving autographed memorabilia, has been banned by the Michiganathletic department.

School officials learned Talbott, of Columbus, Ohio, had been on the sideline shooting photos during the Sept. 3 game against Western Michigan in Ann Arbor.

The media credentials of both Talbott and Ohio Sports Weekly, the Ohio outlet for which he was taking photos, were revoked Tuesday.”

Although I don’t know how Ohio State fans feel about this but I think this is kinda sad.

However, the Michigan athletic department didn’t just ban him because he was part of the scandal but because he didn’t have the right credentials.

“I actually spoke to him and told him he would no longer be credentialed,” Dave Ablauf, Michigan senior associate athletic director for media and public relations, told ESPN.com. “He came in under a different name than what we were familiar with. Had the name I knew popped up, I wouldn’t have credentialed him.”

I believe that Michigan did the right thing in the situation. I also feel that this was a total coincidence that it was the same guy who helped former quarterback  Terrelle Pryor become rich. He paid Pryor for his autographs and then denied doing it.

I don’t know if I should be more upset that used a different than normal name to get in the stadium or that he paid Pryor for his signature. But I believe he got what he deserved and he is no longer able to take anymore photographs at Michigan Stadium.

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2 Responses to Ohio Photographer Banned From Michigan

  1. julianstyles@yahoo.com says:


    Might want to check your facts…They guy never went in under a different name. Its the same name he has used his entire career. Also- facts are coming out that he was not a part of the scandal. Not saying the dude it perfect, but rumors are just that. The guys name is Dennis Jay Talbott. Credentialed under Jay talbott Seriously??

    • Curtis Pulliam says:

      Thank you Julian for pointing out the fake name issue. He did use a diiferent one that Michigan was not familiar with. Sorry about the mistake and thank you for reading.

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