Weekend Preview 9/16

Well this weekend preview will be just as exciting to write about as the last one. The previous was a success and this weekend looks to be another great one for Detroit sports.

Four teams are in action in the next few days and like in life sometimes, I am going to be very straight to the point and up front for who I am picking to win this weekend.

First off, we have the Detroit Tigers playing the Oakland A’s in Oakland. They did lose last night 6-1, to end their 12 game winning streak.

However, I do believe this team will clinch the A.L. Central tonight and it will be time to celebrate in the D. It would be the first time in 24 years if they complete the feat tonight. It will take a Cleveland Indians loss or a Tigers win to finish the job, and I think it will happen tonight. If not, they have the rest of the season.

Tomorrow, the Michigan Wolverines play their third home game of the season against Eastern Michigan University. Both teams are 2-0  and looking to stay undefeated the contest. Look for the Wolverines to score at will on Eastern, both early and often. Sorry Ron English and Mike Hart but your visit to Ann Arbor will ended up in a loss.  I like the Wolverines by 17.

The Michigan State Spartans also look to go 3-0 on the year, as they travel to South Bend, Indiana to play the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. ESPN has been picking Notre Dame all week and I feel they are terribly wrong in this game. The Spartans will prove ESPN wrong and me right by defeating the Fighting Irish on Saturday at 3:30. I think Spartans by 7 or more.

And lastly, we got our beloved Detroit Lions playing their 2011 home opener on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are coming off one of the worst losses to open up a season, and the Lions are coming off of a huge win on the road. I’m feeling that the Lions will continue to dominate on the defensive side of the ball and spread the ball around on offense. I believe the Lions will win by 10 on Sunday.

Everyone, I would like to thank the people who read this and all of the support you have given the website, it really means a lot to the both of us. Have a safe and happy weekend folks…. P.S. let’s hope the teams do well.

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