Does Justin Verlander have a Legit Chance at 300 Wins?

This past Saturday, Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers became the first Tiger pitcher since the  year I was born (1991), to win twenty games in a season. I just want to say congrats but me and many others including JV himself, feel like he’s not done yet.

An intriguing article I found on the web the other day thinks the perennial All-Star and hard thrower has a good chance to make the 300 win milestone. After reading this blog, I am very convinced that Verlander does have a legit chance at 300 wins but only if he can stay healthy.

He is 28 years old. The article states if he wins twenty or more games in his next ten seasons would make him a 300 game winner. That is a hefty task to ask a power pitcher like Verlander but if anybody in today’s game could do it, it would be Verlander.

He is 103-57 in his six-year career. This season, he is having a great year as we all know with a 20-5 win-loss record.  According to this article, he will have seven starts remaining in the regular season. If he wins all seven of them, he would be 27-5 on the year. He would have 110 wins for his career and be 190 away from the big 300.

The bottom line is this: if he stays healthy and keeps up the ability to pitch the way he is pitching this year, big things will come Verlander’s way. He is arguably the best pitcher in baseball right now and he has the stuff and determination to achieve 300 wins. He stays in games longer than most pitcher these days as well, going way over 100 pitches most starts.

But my advice to Verlander is this: let’s worry about the division championship this year before you start to worry about the big 300.

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