Who’s the best QB from the ’09 Draft?

Top 3 QB's from the '09 Draft

Stats heading in to the third season for QB's drafted in the first-round (From ESPN and SportsCenter)

ESPN offered up an interesting topic today, which first-round quarterback from the 2009 draft class will lead his team to the most wins in the 2011.  Looking at the stats, it is a very intriguing debate.  Stafford was drafted the highest, Sanchez has had the most success in the win-column while Freeman has had the most touchdown passes so far in his young career.

This is a tough debate to look at with these guys at completely different stages in their careers.  Stafford has shown flashes of greatness, but has not been able to stay healthy missing a huge part of both seasons of his career.  Mark Sanchez has led the Jets to consecutive AFC Championship games, but some people look at him as more of a hindrance to the Jets than helpful.  Finally Josh Freeman had the least expectations of the other two quarterbacks, but has statistically been the best out of the three.

As for who will lead their team to the most wins, I have to say it will be Sanchez.  That is not saying that he is the best quarterback out of the three, I just think that he has the best team around him, built on a power running game and a strong defense.  If Sanchez can just manage the game and make the one or two big throws the Jets need during a game I think they will end up with double-digit wins.

With Freeman, I think he will put up another monster year statistically, but the Buccaneers will not sneak up on anyone this season and play in one of the stronger divisions in all of football.  Having to play the Falcons, Saints and even Carolina twice a year will be a tough match-up for the Buccaneers and I think they take a slight step back and only end up with seven or eight wins on the season.

Now for our very own Matt Stafford.  If (and this unfortunately is a huge if) is able to stay healthy all season, the Lions could have a huge season.  In the preseason he has shown his ability to take some hits and get back up, but this season will prove if he is injury prone  or just unlucky.  I believe Stafford when he says he will play all 16 games this season, and if he does expect a big season.  Throwing for 3,500 yards and 30 touchdowns is not out of the realm of possibility with this offense.  I predicted before the preseason started that the Lions would win nine games this year, and I’m sticking with my prediction.

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