Memories of Tom “Killer” Kowalski and Latest Tigers News

I woke up yesterday and headed to the computer like I always do to get the day’s biggest news and check all the social media sites. But when I saw the news that the Lions lost a reporter, I was truly shocked.

I remember seeing Tom Kowalski on Fox 2 all the time for the Lions Pregame. Him and Dan Miller always put on a good show and were very informative. I thought Kowalski was always fair and to the point in presenting his views. I also remember hearing him on the radio occasionally and thought he had a productive show.

Lots of his fellow journalist have said many good things about him, including this example from co-worker Philip Zaroo:

“Killer was a great mentor. Killer was a great reporter. And Killer was a great teammate. I’m going to miss the chance to learn so much more about how to do what he did.”

“But Tom was a great person. And I’m going to miss, even more, the chance for our friendship to grow.”

I always saw his tweets and thought he made many valid points. Although I don’t know much about him, he seemed to be somebody I would want to be like and model my work after. This was his last tweet on his twitter.

“OK fellas, here we go … Sleep well, I’ll most likely kill you in the morning …”

Sad and stunned are the only words I have left to describe the event. But today an article came out saying why it happened. R.I.P. Killer.

For lighter news about our beloved Tigers, outfielder Brennan Boesch could be out for the rest of the season, according to multiple media outlets.

If this is the case and Boesch does have thumb surgery, it could spell trouble the rest of the way for the Tigers. His production at the plate this season has been a big part of the Tigers offense. If Boesch is out that means his replacement will most likely be the veteran Magglio Ordonez.  The ten million dollar man will have to produce to keep the Tigers in the lead for the A.L. Central.

Or the utility man Don Kelly  will have to hit good for the Tigers to keep up the offensive production. Either way, the Tigers will have to have a different outfielder to step up.

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