What Piston Should Go Overseas? And What Tiger is Very Important to the Team?

Two articles on yahoo.com caught my attention this past week. One was about five players in the NBA that should go overseas and the other was about MLB contenders and their health. Both had to do with two of the local Detroit teams.

For the first article, the Detroit Piston mentioned in the story/blog was guard Ben Gordon. The author of the blog suggested he go overseas to play during the lockout.  Here’s a little bit of what she said:

“He managed just 32 percent from long range in 2009-10, and while he rebounded to above 40 percent in 2010-11, my League Pass-heavy and first-hand accounts left him looking as dispassionate in Detroit as he did potent in Chicago. Ben, in front of those 10,000 fans (announced, at least) at night, just didn’t seem to care.

With that Pistons roster, we couldn’t blame him.”

I feel that if the Pistons can use him in a sixth man, I feel Gordon can live up to his contract and be a valuable piece in reviving the Pistons from the cellar of the Central Division.

But as for a Detroit team in first place, the Tigers are looking in prime shape after they took three out of four games from the Tampa Bay Rays. The team is starting to come together and play like a team, getting contributions from everyone in the lineup and pitching staff.   However, the Tigers are missing one key piece to the team, according to this article.

Here is some of what writer Jeff Passan had to say about missing piece Al Alburquerque.

“According to the rankings of pitch effectiveness at FanGraphs, Alburquerque’s slider is the seventh most valuable in the major leagues this season, and considering it’s behind six pitchers with at least three times the number of innings as him, it’s impressive.”

Needless to say, Alburquerque will be very important to the Tigers stretch run. He has been effective from the bullpen and hopefully sooner than later he comes back to help the first place and A.L. Central leading Tigers.

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