Which QB is afraid of Suh? And Miggy is missing series finale

The Lions defensive line is expected to cause a lot of fear among quarterbacks this season, and count the Patriots Tom Brady in among them.  Brady made his weekly appearance on Boston’s WEEI-AM and said that Suh is dangerous and that people need to “keep your eye’s peeled on that Suh guy.”

Yeah, he’s dangerous, believe me… They played the Bengals a few weeks ago, and the first play of the game he knocked the guard back into the quarterback on a five-step drop and hit him just as he was releasing it.

Brady knows the power and strength that getting hit by Suh can bring as he was sacked last season on Thanksgiving.  But Suh will need to make sure to remain with in the rulebook against a high-profile player like Brady.  If he thought the fine for his hit against Andy Dalton was a “Big Fail” then the amount of money coming out of his pocket for a questionable hit against Brady will make his wallet lighter for sure.

In Tigers news, Miguel Cabrera will be missing the series finale against the Tampa Bay Rays to be with his wife as she delivers their third child.  Catcher Omir Santos will be called up to take his place on the roster and, I’m guessing, to start behind the plate and give Alex Avila a day off.  Without both Avila and Cabrera in the lineup the offense should struggle, but having no run support is nothing new to starter Doug Fister who had the worst run support in the league when he was with Seattle.

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