Why Both Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera are MVP Contenders

Well first off, while sitting here writing this I did not feel the earthquake that seemed to be moving and affecting people throughout the country.  My condolences go out to anyone who was affected by it.

Another apology I will pass out is to Doug Glanville of ESPN.  He did a segment on SportsCenter today called AL MVP Contender/Pretender.  He had a list of eight players and the segment can be watched here.

The reason I am apologizing to Glanville is because I strongly disagree with his picks.  He put Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera into the pretender column.  He also said that Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury would be his MVP.  His reasoning? Because he can do it all.  This statement is true because Ellsbury can do it all and he has very good numbers.

However, I feel that him putting Verlander and Cabrera in the Pretender category was the wrong call.  Verlander is for sure the favorite to win the A.L. Cy Young but he is also a legit MVP contender because of his dominating performances.  He has the most wins in the Majors and he is the most valuable Detroit Tiger.  The Tigers are 20-8 in Verlander starts and 49-50 in games started by all other pitchers on the staff.

As for Miguel Cabrera, he has some work to do if he wants to stay in the MVP hunt.  Teammate Victor Martinez has a higher average than Cabrera but Cabrera leads the team in all other offensive categories.  He has been consistent this year and is coming off of a 17 game hitting streak.

Both the players are legit MVP candidates.  Verlander probably has a tougher road ahead if he wants to win because he is a starting pitcher.  Still if you take those two players away from the Tigers than they become a below average team.  You can’t say that about Ellsbury  or anybody on the Yankees.  If the Tigers win the A.L. Central, one of them should be highly considered for the award because they are the key for the Tigers success.

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1 Response to Why Both Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera are MVP Contenders

  1. Nick M. says:

    I think the debate about a pitcher being eligible for a MVP vote is an interesting one. Obviously we have watched a historic season with Zoolander this year. It has just been a joy to watch a guy with terrific stuff mold himself into being a complete pitcher. He is(this year) our MVP, without question. Miggy is great but this years line-up has proven to be a ‘team’ line-up. Cabrera is a guy that makes everyone else around him better. That has never shown better than this season. He was the MVP last year in my mind(obvious kool-aid goggles on, but the numbers bear it out).

    Now going back to the pitcher debate. As a starting pitcher in this day and age, you get to see them in approximately twenty percent of the games. Is this enough to be considered the MVP of the league? Who knows. The last one was Ek back in ’92(I believe) but he was involved in over thirty-three percent of the games for his team.

    Either way, it should be interesting.

    Nice blog you have here, look forward to its continued progression.

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