Red Wings prospect potential and Lions Madden rankings

A recent story on ESPN, ranked the Red Wings as the fifth best organization in terms of prospects in the minors.  This ranking is surprising based on the fact that the Wings draft towards the end of the first round every year due to their success during the season and the playoffs.  Writer Grant Sonier agreed saying,

“The price you pay for always finishing near the top of the standings is having to pick late in the draft, but the Red Wings have done a very good job of selecting players who find a way to fill in the necessary roster spots.”

Detroit has a lot of depth coming out Grand Rapids, but should not need much of it this up coming season.  They have the advantage of being able to draft players seen as “projects” and let them develop in the minors.  It seems that anytime an injury arises with the Wings, they have the perfect player waiting in the wings to fill the position and the team is able to continue almost seamlessly.

Another story that came out the past few days is the release of the Madden 12 rankings for our Detroit Lions, and it has some people in the Twitter universe up in arms.  The Lions overall has them ranked at 76 with Calvin Johnson being the highest ranked player at a 93.  One player ranking that has people really complaining is Ndamukong Suh being rated as only 89, with Suh himself taking to Twitter with his surprise over the low ranking.  The current rosters do not have the players recently signed after the lockout, but the game coming out on August 30th will have the full rosters.

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