Is Calvin a Top Five Wide Receiver?

Well, the Lions got off to a great start in the pre-season with a 34-3 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, there was much debate taking place on ESPN whether or not Lions wideout Calvin Johnson was a top five receiver in the NFL and ESPN’s Cris Carter didn’t think so.

Here’s what he said:

“Calvin Johnson, he’s very, very good at Madden and Tecmo Bowl or whatever they’re playing now. But on film, when I watch film, and I break down the film, he’s not to the point of these guys yet. That doesn’t mean he can’t play. He just not there yet.”

Carter’s top five you ask? Here is the list of  his top six actually: Andre JohnsonLarry Fitzgerald,  Greg Jennings, Reggie Wayne, DeSean Jackson, Roddy White.

I agree for the most part about the list.  Andre Johnson is an absolute force on the field and has a been for a few years.  Fitzgerald is as sure handed as you can get.  Wayne, Jackson, and White all great receivers.  But my question I would ask Carter would be whats the difference between Jennings and Calvin Johnson?

If you look at the numbers alone, Jennings and Johnson almost had the exact same year last season.  Johnson is much bigger than Jennings and does see double teams on a regular basis.  He is a year younger than Jennings and a different type of receiver than him but the numbers are eerily similar.

I believe that Carter got it wrong on this one.  I might be a little bias towards Calvin but I don’t think enough people around the country have seen him play.  However, I feel this year will be the year that Calvin places himself in the top receivers in the NFL.

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  1. Nick M. says:

    Cris Carter has absolutely no clue.Obviously his list is a set of pro-bowl WR’s but he is forgetting about the teams Megatron has been on. Give him a healthy QB and some other offensive talent and watch him explode this year. A fifteen TD season is within grasp in my honest opinion. Little known fact I just realized the other day via a friend is Andre has never had a season of double-digit TD receptions.

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