Vacation in Chicago and NBA News

While Rob has been very generous in posting all of the post this week, it is safe to say I’m back from one of the best vacations of my life.  We will be back on our normal schedule this coming week and writing about the hottest topics in the Detroit sporting world.

I went to Chicago to see the Washington Nationals play the Chicago Cubs at historic Wrigley Field, with a few friends of course.  The first night we got in it rained but the last three days the weather was amazing.  The games were for the most part pretty entertaining even though the Nationals lost two of three.  Sitting in the park makes you feel and the crowd was full of energy  although the Cubs are in fifth place.  Even for one game, we took the train to the stadium and that was a really cool experience.

Besides going to the games at beautiful Wrigley, we went to some of the different sites in the great city of Chicago.  The John Hancock building is very impressive and  just looking  down on the city, it makes you realize how small we are and how big the city is. All in all, the four days were a great experience and I would go back to Chicago anytime that I could because it was an awesome time.

Being in Chicago got me thinking about the NBA and there is not much news about the league.  The only noteworthy story is Lebron James seems to believe there will be an NBA season this year. That is a good omen for the NBA because arguably one of its biggest stars is believing the league and the players union can come up with a deal.  Here is what he said.

“I believe there will be a season this year, and I am optimistic players and owners will work toward having a season,” said James yesterday when asked whether he is considering playing overseas if the NBA lockout stretches into next season.

It will be nice to see if Lebron is right this time and the NBA have a season this year.

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