Frank Introduced as Pistons Head Coach

Let’s see if the Detroit Pistons made the correct hire this time around as Lawrence Frank was called upon for head coaching duties of the Pistons.

The Pistons are coming off of a 30-52 season where the players didn’t exactly get along with the head coach.  But with a few new rookies and a new head coach, the Pistons look to be rebuilding.

Joe Dumars and Frank both seemed to have a serious yet relaxed demeanor to them in the press conference.  The conference was relatively short due to the fact they couldn’t talk about the roster due to the NBA lockout.   Frank to me, is the right man for the job.

Frank provided some comical relief yet seems to work very hard and that will help him be a great fit here.  His work ethic will hopefully rub off on to the players and make a the Pistons a contender once again.  Here are some highlight quotes from Lawrence Frank at  the press conference.

“There is a standard of excellence here, it’s on me, on all of us to reclaim the culture we need to establish Detroit basketball to the forefront of NBA basketball.”

“First and foremost, culture always starts with a work ethic. Investment vs. entitlement. You get yourself into a lot of problems if people feel entitled. The head coach has to enforce accountability. Every player wants the coach to challenge them but also connect with them.”

“It comes down to your actions. If you don’t back up what you say, no one will trust what you say. It’s our habits that define us. We have to embody what this city has been about. That starts with the DNA of the players.”

“We’re gonna be a defense first team, a rebounding team, an attack offensive team. It’s hard to play good defense, it’s a collective effort mindset and trust, it’s about having a system and believing in it.”

This a great start for a team trying to have a bright future.

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