Fister should fit in fine

Last night Doug Fister made his debut with the Tigers and had a strong outing to win his first start since May 30.  He went seven innings and allowing eight hits and two earned runs without walking or striking out a batter, becoming the first Tigers starter to go seven innings without a walk or strike out since 2006 when Justin Verlander did it.  In his seven innings of work Fister threw 99 pitches, with 73 of them being for strikes. He was able to keep the ball down for most of the night, getting a ton of ground balls and easy outs for the Tigers.

If Fister is able to repeat this type of performance he should be able to stabilize the back-end of the Tigers rotation.  Behind JV, Scherzer and Porcello the Tigers have a formidable top of the rotation, but the fourth and fifth slots have been a wild card all season.  Being able to send out a guy the team has a lot of confidence in should help the morale of the team and hopefully continue to add space between the Tigers and the rest of the easily winnable AL Central Division

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