Weekend Preview 7/29

This weekend is shaping up to be all about the Tigers and the trading deadline.  Oh wait, the Lions are coming back to town after a long delay as well.

As for the Tigers, rumors are swirling around the baseball world that the Tigers are going after a starting pitcher to help out the rotation.  I believe it will be a matter of who rather than if they get someone.  There are so many different names floating around, the latest being Washington National’s Jason Marquis.  However, I feel that the best fit in Detroit would be the Padre’s Aaron Harang and I’m hoping that’s who the Tigers get.

The Tigers are also playing this weekend against a decent Los Angeles Angels squad.  Their pitching as been doing extremely well of late and it will be interesting to see how the Tigers hitters produce against solid pitching.  The most appealing match-up to me is Magglio vs. a good pitching staff.  Everyone now knows how I feel about him and it would be nice to see him hit well against a team not named the Royals.

Last but not least, the Lions are returning to Allen Park after months of being unemployed (kinda).  It will be very fascinating to see who the Lions will officially sign.  I really think they have done and said all the right things so far and I’m looking forward to see how they do this season.  I might even have to get down to training camp next week to see and feel the excitement.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and have your eyes and ears open for any big news.

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