A Sign Dumars is Heading Out? NBA Lockout Notes

Well just as it seemed Joe Dumars was going to make the head coaching choice for the Detroit Pistons this off-season, he was overruled when it came time to pick, according to ESPN.

As reported earlier by many sources, Lawrence Frank was picked as the new head coach for the Pistons last week.  However, it looks like the pick was not picked by Joe D but rather former New York Knicks executive Dave Checketts.

Checketts was hired to be a team consultant by new owner Tom Gores after Gores completed his purchase of the Pistons.

Through all of the Frank talk, it has been stated that Dumars’s first choice was not the former New Jersey Nets head man, but he wanted former assistant under Larry Brown, Mike Woodson.

I feel like this is a sign that Dumars may be on his way out-of-town.  In the last several years, Dumars has had most of the control and probably did not like when the new owner and the rest of the management decided not to hire his choice.

However,  Tom Gores did say during his press conference that “we’re going to lean on (Dumars) pretty heavily.”

Which is still good for Dumars because I believe if he did just worry about the players and who to sign then Dumars can start to build a championship team again.  I believe he was overwhelmed in the past few years yet it is the time to produce or leave for Joe D.

As for the lockout in the NBA, negotiations are reportedly set to begin on Monday.  The process it also reportedly going to be a slow one and according to Billy Hunter, who is the executive director of the NBA Players Association, says the lockout is going to be “all about greed.”   This statement alone doesn’t look like a good sign to get a deal done.  We’ll keep you posted.

On the lighter side of things, just like NFL players during their lockout, NBA players are trying to find something to keep themselves entertained.

Kevin Love, the star for the Minnesota Timberwolves, has gone pro in beach volleyball.

It is a very fun and creative way to stay in shape while the NBA figures out its issues.  I feel as long as the players aren’t committing crimes, the players should be able to do whatever they want in the off-season or at least during the lockout, which may last a while.

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