Is the Deal Still Possible?

With the Major League Baseball trading deadline less than a week away,the Tigers have already made a move to acquire third baseman Wilson Betemit.  They sent Brandon Inge down to Triple A Toledo, however, he still might have trade value in the next coming days.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Tigers were looking to make an offer to the Chicago Cubs that would have satisfied both the Tigers needs of starting pitching and a new third baseman.

The deal was to include Inge, and Tiger prospect Andy Oliver to the Cubs for starting third baseman Aramis Ramirez and starting right hander Carlos Zambrano.

It is unsure if the deal is still a possibility but as a fan, I sure would have loved the Tigers pulling this move off.  The deal would have brought two solid major league players to a team that is ready to win now.

Departing with Oliver would have been okay in my book because as I just mentioned the Tigers are built to win and to win now.  There is not a lot of young talent contributing to this team except in the outfield and I feel the Tigers could have parted ways with Oliver.

The deal would have made sense for the Tigers and they wouldn’t have been giving up much at all.  I wonder if the trade could still happen and if the Cubs would be willing to depart with arguably their two best players.

While anything is possible, the Tigers seemed to be moving on and are looking for just a starting pitcher.  New names in the mix include the Seattle’s  Doug Fister and Jason Vargas and the Padres’s Aaron Harang.  From the reports, the Tigers are really set on acquiring a starter.

The best fit I believe is Aaron Harang.  Harang as been an ace of a staff before and he has pitched in big games and is able to handle the pressure. This season he is owed 4.3 million and has a mutual option for 2012.  If he comes here and pitches well, the Tigers could sign him for a couple of more seasons.  Harang this year is 9-2 with a 3.45 E.R.A and could be the last piece the Tigers need to win the A.L. Central.

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  1. Disagree on Zambrano’s value. As talented as he is and as solid as he can be, dude has a bad attitude that might not play well in what is currently a very healthy clubhouse!

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