Pistons To Hire Frank For Head Coaching Spot

As much as I thought there was not much going to be happening in the NBA or with the Detroit Pistons, sure enough about mid-day yesterday the Pistons have decided to hire Lawrence Frank as their next head coach, according to many sources.

Frank, who was a top assistant and helped coach the defense last year for the Boston Celtics, has previous head coaching experience.  He was the head coach of the New Jersey Nets from ’03 to ’09.  He led the Nets to six playoff appearances and two division titles during his tenure.

I believe this is a solid hire for Joe Dumars and the Pistons.  Although Frank ended up with a losing record in New Jersey, he is a highly regarded coach around the league with endorsements from many people including Celtics head coach Doc Rivers.

With the Pistons trying to move forward with young players, Frank will come here and bring a defensive philosophy to the table.  While this is true, I have read on social media sites that some of the fans and players are not too happy about the pick.

However, I feel Frank will come in and be a leader because the young players needed a coach with previous experience and knows what it takes to win in the NBA. (If there is a season)

While Frank is not the best coach ever, I think he was the best one for the Pistons job compared to the other candidates.

The others included Mike Woodson, Kelvin Sampson, Bill Laimbeer and Patrick Ewing.  So out of all those choices Frank was the best man suited to try to bring some intensity back to the defensive end and he is a proven winner.

This hire also means a lot for Joe D.  I would say the new owner Tom Gores will most likely have a short leash with Dumars therefore, it might be his last hire as the Pistons general manager.

So lets hope that Frank and Dumars can light a fire in not only the players but the whole organization to bring the fans back to the palace and make the team once again respectable.

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