Special Tigers News Update

This is the day that I usually write about the NBA for the site but today I felt compelled to write about our beloved Tigers.

With not much going on in the NBA and the Tigers being in the middle of a pennant race, making moves nobody thought they would make, I feel it is only fair that I give my attention to them.

The surprising move by general manager Dave Dombrowski to acquire Kansas City third baseman Wilson Betemit for two single A players, required the Tigers to make a move that some fans loved and others hated.  You can have your opinion but it had to be done whether or not you liked or didn’t like Brandon Inge.

Inge, who is owed 11.5 million dollars over the next year and a half, has not produced offensively at all.  His average is .177 and he only has 38 hits all year, including just one home run, which was a walk-off home run against the A.L. West leading Texas Rangers early in the season.

Well now, after the pick up of Betemit, Inge was designated for assignment to Toledo.  I think that it was a move the Tigers made a necessary move here.  Inge, who has been with the Tigers since 2001, is only a career .234 hitter in the first place.  Although he was outstanding defensively, he was killing the team at the plate.

Betemit, who is a career .268 hitter and has played for the Braves, Yankees, White Sox and the Royals,  is a better hitter yet he is nowhere close to the defender Inge is.  I like the Betemit pick up but I’m not so sure that this move will solve the Tigers problems that still remain, such as starting pitching. (Excluding Verlander)

As much as I wanted to see him go, Inge is still a great defender and a great guy.  He is very loyal to the Tigers and I’m hoping he can clear waivers and find his swing with the Mudhens.  Inge should be able to figure it out down there but for now Betemit is the guy.

We’ll see how effective this move is in the next couple weeks, however, it was a move the Tigers needed to make if they wanted to win now.

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