NBA players moving overseas? Plus Lockout and Pistons

Everyone knows that the NBA lockout has just begun and doesn’t look like it will be over anytime soon.  It is going to be a very lengthy process and it will drag along throughout the next few months at least.  But the real question at hand is should NBA players be allowed to go overseas and play?

I believe the players should have the option of playing across the pond if they want.  The NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) is in full support of the players playing there.  For me, that is a sign the lockout might go on for a long time.  However, if the players play overseas, they will be able to stay in top condition and game shape. Deron Williams is the first big name to go over there and I don’t think he will be the last.  We will see what happens with that.

As for the lockout, both sides are now just starting to communicate with each other, 14 days after the lockout took effect on July 1st.  The two sides are no where close to get a new deal together and it will make for a very long summer and fall for all parties involved.  Heck, the NBA fired  114 employees from its league office yesterday.  But they said the layoffs had nothing to do with the lockout.  I don’t believe that at all yet you never know.

For the Pistons coaching situation, multiple news outlets believe the search is down to two choices, Mike Woodson and Lawrence Frank.  I think either coach would be a decent hire for the Pistons because both of them have solid track records.  Yet, I would give the edge to Woodson, just because of his previous involvement with the Pistons organization.  He was an assistant coach in Detroit, under Larry Brown.  But I would give the job to Frank because he has gone farther in the playoffs, and can lead the team to where they want to go.  Honestly, either choice I would not be upset with.

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